Unlock the Mighty Zandalari Trolls: A Guide to Accessing the Fierce Zandalari Tribe

Zandalari Troll Unlock

Unlock the powerful Zandalari Trolls in World of Warcraft and experience their unique abilities and rich lore. Join the Horde and conquer Azeroth!

The Zandalari Troll Unlock is an exciting opportunity for World of Warcraft players to delve into the rich and vibrant lore of the Zandalari trolls. With their majestic city of Zuldazar and powerful empire, the Zandalari trolls have long been an enigmatic and alluring race within the game. Now, with this unlock, players can finally join their ranks and experience the unique abilities and captivating storylines that come with being a Zandalari troll. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking for a fresh challenge or a newcomer eager to explore a new facet of Azeroth, the Zandalari Troll Unlock promises to be a thrilling addition to your World of Warcraft journey. So gear up, sharpen your weapons, and prepare to embark on an epic adventure unlike any other!



Welcome to this guide on how to unlock the Zandalari Troll Allied Race in World of Warcraft. The Zandalari Trolls are a powerful and ancient race that players can now choose to play as. In this article, we will walk you through the steps required to unlock this exciting new race and join their ranks on the Horde side.


Before you can begin your journey to unlock the Zandalari Trolls, there are a few requirements that you must meet:

1. Reach Level 120

In order to start the questline for the Zandalari Trolls, you must have a character at level 120. If you haven’t reached this level yet, focus on leveling up your character first.

2. Be Exalted with the Zandalari Empire

The Zandalari Trolls are part of the Horde faction, and to unlock them, you must earn Exalted reputation with the Zandalari Empire. This can be achieved by completing quests, world quests, and emissary quests in Zandalar.


Unlocking the Zandalari Trolls

Once you have met the requirements mentioned above, you are ready to start the questline to unlock the Zandalari Trolls. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Visit the Embassy

Make your way to the Horde Embassy in Zuldazar, the capital city of the Zandalari Trolls. The embassy is located in the Grand Bazaar area and can be easily spotted.

2. Speak to the Ambassador

Inside the embassy, you will find an NPC named Ambassador Blackguard. Speak to him to begin the questline for unlocking the Zandalari Trolls.


3. Complete the Questline

Ambassador Blackguard will give you a series of quests to complete. Follow the questline and fulfill the objectives given to you. These quests will take you on an epic adventure through various zones in Zandalar.

4. Earn the Trust of the Zandalari

During your questline, you will need to earn the trust and respect of the Zandalari Trolls. Help them with their struggles, fight alongside them, and prove your worthiness as an ally.

5. Achieve Exalted Reputation with the Zandalari Empire

While going through the questline, make sure to keep an eye on your reputation with the Zandalari Empire. Complete any available quests, world quests, or emissary quests to earn reputation and work towards reaching Exalted status.


Final Steps

Once you have completed the entire questline and achieved Exalted reputation with the Zandalari Empire, congratulations! You are now ready to create and play as a Zandalari Troll character.

1. Return to the Embassy

Head back to the Horde Embassy in Zuldazar and speak to Ambassador Blackguard once again. He will officially unlock the Zandalari Trolls for you.

2. Create Your Zandalari Troll

Now, head over to the character creation screen and select the Zandalari Troll race. Customize your character’s appearance, choose a class, and get ready to embark on new adventures as a proud member of the Zandalari Empire.


Unlocking the Zandalari Trolls in World of Warcraft is a challenging but rewarding journey. By following the requirements, completing the questline, and earning the trust of the Zandalari Empire, you can join the ranks of this ancient and powerful race. So, gear up, venture into Zandalar, and embrace your new identity as a Zandalari Troll!

Checking Requirements

Sure, before you start your journey to unlock the Zandalari Trolls, there are a couple of requirements you need to meet. Firstly, ensure that you have the Battle for Azeroth expansion installed and an active World of Warcraft subscription. Without these, you won’t be able to access the content needed to unlock the Zandalari Trolls.

Faction Reputation

To unlock the Zandalari Trolls, you’ll need to increase your reputation with the Zandalari Empire to Exalted. You can achieve this by completing quests, missions, and World Quests in Zuldazar, the capital city of the Zandalari Trolls. Make sure to regularly check for World Quests in the area and complete them to earn reputation. Additionally, undertaking quests specific to the Zandalari Empire will also contribute towards your reputation progress.

Complete the War Campaign

The Horde War Campaign is a crucial part of unlocking the Zandalari Trolls. Progress through the campaign by completing the required quests. This campaign serves as a foundation for the storylines and events in Battle for Azeroth, so it’s essential to follow it to fully experience the expansion’s content. As you progress through the campaign, you’ll unlock various allies and factions, including the Zandalari Trolls.

Recruiting the Trolls

Once you’ve completed the necessary steps in the Horde War Campaign, it’s time to recruit the Zandalari Trolls themselves. Travel to the Great Seal in Dazar’alor, the capital city of the Horde in Zuldazar. Speak with the Zandalari emissary, who will offer you a quest line specifically designed to recruit the Zandalari Trolls. Accept the quest and prepare yourself for the journey ahead.

Quest Line Progression

Now that you have accepted the quest line, it’s time to embark on a series of tasks and challenges to earn the favor of the Zandalari Trolls. Follow the quest line provided by the emissary diligently, as it will guide you through the necessary steps to unlock the trolls. Pay attention to the objectives and complete them one by one to progress further in the quest line.

Dungeon Quests

As you progress through the quest line, be prepared to enter specific dungeons related to your journey of unlocking the Zandalari Trolls. Some quests might require you to form a group or join a Guild run to complete these dungeons. Coordinate with fellow players and make sure to communicate effectively to increase your chances of success. Remember, teamwork is crucial in overcoming the challenges that lie ahead.

Heroic Mode Completion

During certain steps of the quest line, you may be required to complete specific dungeons in Heroic mode. Heroic dungeons offer a greater challenge and better rewards. To ensure success, coordinate with other players who are also on the same step of the quest line. Working together with a strong group will increase your chances of completing the dungeons in Heroic mode and progressing further towards unlocking the Zandalari Trolls.

Gathering Resources

Unlocking the Zandalari Trolls might require gathering specific resources to expedite your progress. Keep an eye out for Emissary Caches and Zandalari War Supply Crates, which can contain valuable items and reputation tokens. You can farm these resources by completing World Quests, participating in faction assaults and invasions, or even purchasing them from the Auction House. Efficiently managing your resources will help you progress faster towards unlocking the Zandalari Trolls.

Faction Assaults and Invasions

To further enhance your reputation progress and unlock the Zandalari Trolls, actively participate in faction assaults and invasions across Kul Tiras and Zandalar. These events provide additional opportunities to earn reputation and complete quests related to the Zandalari Empire. Keep an eye on the map for notifications about ongoing assaults and invasions and make sure to join in to maximize your progress.

Patience and Persistence

Unlocking the Zandalari Trolls can be a lengthy process, requiring dedication and commitment. Remember to remain patient and persistent throughout your journey. Focus on completing the quests, earning reputation with the Zandalari Empire, and following the steps outlined in the quest line. Don’t get discouraged if it takes time; the reward of unlocking the Zandalari Trolls will be well worth the effort in the end.

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Once upon a time, in the land of Azeroth, a new and powerful race was about to be unlocked. The Zandalari Trolls, known for their ancient wisdom and fierce warriors, were eagerly awaited by players all over the world. This long-anticipated unlock brought excitement and anticipation to the World of Warcraft community.

  1. As the day of the unlock approached, players could feel the buzz in the air. The Zandalari Trolls had always been a mysterious and enigmatic race, hidden away on their island of Zandalar. Now, they were ready to join the Horde and fight alongside their allies. It was time for players to embark on a new adventure and unlock the secrets of these proud warriors.
  2. The instructions to unlock the Zandalari Trolls were clear and concise. Players needed to complete a series of quests and achievements to gain the favor of the Zandalari empire. They had to prove their worth and dedication to the Horde, as well as demonstrate their knowledge of Zandalari culture and history.
  3. The voice and tone of the instructions were authoritative yet encouraging. Players were reminded that only the most worthy and skilled would be able to unlock the Zandalari Trolls. They were urged to persevere and not give up, for the rewards would be great. The voice conveyed a sense of respect for the Zandalari culture and a desire to honor their traditions.
  4. Players were instructed to gather certain materials and artifacts, to seek out powerful allies, and to overcome formidable challenges. The instructions emphasized the importance of teamwork and unity, reminding players that they were not alone in their quest. The voice encouraged players to bond with others, to form alliances, and to rely on each other’s strengths.
  5. As players progressed through the unlock process, they were greeted by NPCs who shared stories and legends of the Zandalari Trolls. The voice and tone of these interactions were filled with reverence and awe, honoring the rich history of the Zandalari. Players felt a sense of connection to this ancient race, as if they were part of something greater than themselves.

In conclusion, the Zandalari Troll unlock brought a new level of excitement and adventure to the World of Warcraft community. The instructions, conveyed in an authoritative yet encouraging voice, guided players through a series of quests and challenges. The tone paid homage to the rich history and traditions of the Zandalari, instilling a sense of respect and awe in players. Unlocking the Zandalari Trolls was not just a task; it was a journey of discovery and camaraderie.

Thank you for visiting our blog and taking the time to read about the exciting Zandalari Troll unlock in World of Warcraft. We hope that this article has provided you with valuable information and insights on how to unlock this unique and powerful race. Now that you have all the necessary details, it’s time to embark on your journey and join the ranks of the Zandalari Trolls!

First and foremost, it is essential to meet the requirements for unlocking the Zandalari Trolls. This includes reaching exalted reputation with the Zandalari Empire faction and completing the Zandalar Forever! achievement. It may seem like a daunting task, but fear not! With determination and perseverance, you can conquer these challenges and earn your place among the mighty Zandalari Trolls.

To gain reputation with the Zandalari Empire, you can undertake various quests and missions in the Zuldazar zone. Additionally, participating in world quests, emissary quests, and dungeons related to the Zandalari Trolls will also reward you with reputation points. Remember to equip a tabard representing the Zandalari Empire to maximize your reputation gains while running dungeons.

Once you have achieved exalted reputation with the Zandalari Empire, you will need to complete the Zandalar Forever! achievement. This achievement requires you to finish the main storyline quests in all three of the Zandalari zones: Zuldazar, Nazmir, and Vol’dun. It may take some time and effort, but the rewards are well worth it. Not only will you unlock the Zandalari Trolls, but you will also have a deeper understanding and connection to their rich lore and history.

We hope this guide has been helpful in your quest to unlock the Zandalari Trolls. Remember to enjoy the journey and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of World of Warcraft. The Zandalari Trolls await you, so gear up, gather your allies, and set forth on this epic adventure. Good luck, and may the spirits of the Zandalari be with you!

People also ask about Zandalari Troll Unlock:

  1. How can I unlock the Zandalari Troll race?
  2. To unlock the Zandalari Troll race, you need to meet certain requirements. Firstly, you must have the Battle for Azeroth expansion installed and an active subscription to World of Warcraft. Next, you need to reach exalted reputation with the Zandalari Empire faction. This can be achieved by completing quests, participating in faction-related activities, and earning reputation points. Once you reach exalted reputation, you can start the questline that leads to unlocking the Zandalari Troll race.

  3. Where can I find the Zandalari Empire faction?
  4. The Zandalari Empire faction is located in Zuldazar, the capital city of the Zandalari Trolls. You can find their main hub in Dazar’alor, which is situated in the heart of Zuldazar. Visit this city to access faction vendors, complete quests, and earn reputation with the Zandalari Empire. Keep in mind that some quests and activities may require you to have progressed through the main storylines of the Battle for Azeroth expansion.

  5. What are the benefits of unlocking the Zandalari Troll race?
  6. Unlocking the Zandalari Troll race grants you access to a unique playable race in World of Warcraft. As a Zandalari Troll, you will have access to racial abilities and traits specific to this race. These abilities can provide various advantages in combat and gameplay. Additionally, playing as a Zandalari Troll allows you to immerse yourself in the rich lore and culture of this ancient troll civilization.

  7. Can I unlock the Zandalari Troll race on any faction?
  8. No, the Zandalari Troll race is only available for the Horde faction in World of Warcraft. If you primarily play as an Alliance character, you will need to create a new character on the Horde side and complete the necessary requirements to unlock the Zandalari Troll race.

  9. Are there any class restrictions for Zandalari Trolls?
  10. Yes, Zandalari Trolls have certain class restrictions. They can choose from the following classes: Druid, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warrior, and Warlock. These class options provide a wide range of playstyles and abilities for Zandalari Troll characters.

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