Cheap Android Phones Can Be Good Phones

A of lot people have become addicted to their mobile phones. There are perhaps millions of people who have already ditched their land lines. Mobile phone adoption is quickly approaching critical mass as there are several thousand models of mobile phones. There are now more than 4000 different models of Android phones, and of course some may be more expensive than others.

Competing platforms do not simplify the task of choosing a mobile phone, and most people will probably be considering a cheap phone. Since Android now is now the most popular mobile phone platform in many countries, it is likely that many people looking for mobile phones will choose cheap Android phones as the phone of choice.

Cheap Android Phones have really changed, as Android has improved. There at now hundreds of thousands of apps in the Android market, many of which are still backward compatible with earlier version of the operating system. As the popularity of the platform has increased, the prices of the phones have gone in the opposite direction, and are dropping steadily. Cheap Android phones are now available for a fraction of what they previously cost.

Android smart phones cover a wide range of prices, and the come with many different features. There are a couple of ways to ensure that you get a good deal on an Android phone:

Retailers regularly offer special promotions on these phones. The phones may sometimes offer for free, when new plans are introduced. The deals are usually available to new customers, and sometimes signing a longer term contract is required. If you do not anticipate any major changes, in the way the way that you use the phone, signing a long term contract for a new phone free phone can be seen as a good option. One feature that should be avoided is escalating charges.

Buying an unlocked phone can save a lot of money. These phones, can be used with any provider as the SIM card is replaced. One of the essentials for all smart phones is a camera. As the sales of mobile phones are exploding the sales of digital camera are in decline. At lower end of the scale, the least that can be expected is a 2 megapixel camera, while at the upper end cameras on some of the more expensive phones are within the 12 -14 megapixel range, which is good enough for some outstanding quality images.

Another valuable tip is to buy an Android phone with an expandable micro SD card slot. You can save on initial purchase costs, but you have the ability to add additional storage capacity at lower costs.

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